Goode Cyber Security adds Cyber Liability Protection

Goode Cyber Security is pleased to announce that Cyber Liability Protection is now included in all our offerings to our customers. This value-added service significantly enhances our offerings across the board.

NEW: Cyber Insurance up to $250,000 Included with all programs.

Goode Cyber Security – Customized Cybersecurity Programs

Cyberattacks rank as the fastest growing crime in the US, causing catastrophic business disruption. Globally, cybercrime damages are expected to reach 6 trillion US dollars by 2021, according to several cybersecurity industry reports. No matter what size your organization is Goode has a program that can help can assist with your cyber-attack mitigation efforts and increase your cyber resiliency. Based on the Department of Defense Cybersecurity Maturity Model.

Cyberattacks are real and damaging to your company. One cyberattack can put a company out of business. Small to midsize businesses (less than $50 million in revenue) are targeted over 50% of the time. Cybercriminals are aware that SMBs often lack the robust data security measures in place at larger corporations, making them easy targets. Many business-grade cybersecurity solutions are built for large enterprises. They’re complex, expensive, and need massive resources and a team of people to manage.

Small Business

Purposely designed for small businesses and non-profits, local government agencies, and start-ups. Fast, effective, easy-to-implement security program. Lower cost and flexible billing. We start with Basic Cyber Hygiene processes and practices to get your company up to level 1 standards. We can also map out a strategic plan that allows your cybersecurity to grow with your organization. We can also map out a strategic plan that allows your cybersecurity to grow with your organization.

Small to Medium Business

Designed for existing companies and managed service providers (MSPs) who have Basic Cyber Hygiene and some or all the intermediate Cyber hygiene processes and practices in place. Goode can help your organization get to the next level and beyond. we can also map out a strategic plan that allows your cybersecurity to grow with your organization.

Enterprise Business

Designed for large enterprises that have implemented at least level 3 Good Cyber Hygiene processes and practices. Goode can focus on one area of your cybersecurity architecture. We can map your current NIST, CIS, SOC 2, FINRA/SEC, or other regulatory controls. For example, we help plan, manage, and implement Distaste Recovery/Business Continuity efforts across global environments. We can also manage your Soc 2 or Government regulatory Audits for you and/or assist your audit team. With extensive experience in large network infrastructures(FedEx, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Mass General Hospital) Goode can work with your network team on endpoint security, Privileged Access Management(PAM), the other SOC(Security Operations Center, Cybersecurity Incident Response Team(CSIRT)

Goode Cyber Security Core values

Treat Everyone with Respect

We honor our commitments and we treat everyone with respect.

Customer Satisfaction

We measure our success by our customers’ satisfaction with our services rendered.


We set a high bar for ourselves and our teams, and continuously exhibit

professionalism in everything we do.


We lead by implementing leading-edge cybersecurity and creative problem-solving.

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