Part III. Performance Management and Monitoring            
Cloud/SaaS providers: Please complete this section
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Service Management - Service Levels
Describe the available service level agreements (SLAs) that pertain to your offering(s) with specific details regarding availability and performance.
What SLAs are available – availability, performance, incident response/resolution, etc.?
What service level agreement (SLA) for availability is guaranteed (i.e., number of nines - 99.9%, 99.99%, etc.)?
Can users select specific performance thresholds? If so, what options are available to select performance thresholds for Cloud services?
Describe any failures in meeting your SLAs within the past year.
Are there any financial penalties if performance and availability goals are missed?
Does your offering include provisions for a technical account manager( TAM)? Is the TAM dedicated to Goode Cyber Security or shared? Please provide detail regarding available options.
Are you open to regular quarterly meetings to review SLAs, issues, and requests?
Who would be part of the SLA meetings?
How are the issues escalated if the SLAs are not acheived?
Please provide name, title and contact information for management escalation within your organization.
Service Desk
Do you have live technical support? If so, briefly explain its hours and operational approach and list what types (live chat, toll-free, email etc.?).
Are high priority problems worked around the clock?
What are the support response times available?
 Is there a dedicated support manager?
Describe your Problem Management process, specifically detailing detection, reporting/notification and escalation practices.
Where is your support desk located? (locality, country)
How many people belong to your support desk? 5
Are the background checks performed for all support personnel?
Service Operations
Change Management
Do you provide proactive communications regarding maintenance activities? If so, how far in advance do you let your customers know of upcoming changes?
Describe the approach for change management of your platform and software as service offerings. Specifically address key details such as version lifecycle management and patch management approaches.
Do you gain agreement from your customers prior to implementing functional changes? Are customers invited to help with testing changes prior to being released to production?
Service Application Monitoring and Reporting
Does your service solution allow real-time visibility to available capacity?
Is an external (outside the public firewall) or internal (inside the public or private firewall) application monitoring solution available? If yes please provide details.
What system resource utilization (e.g., CPU, disk, network, RAM, etc.) information is collected and how is it made available (i.e., dashboard)?
What alerting is in place if system resources exceed thresholds?
How are notifications handled (e.g., email, SMS, etc.)?
Do you allow your customers to monitor your systems independently, especially using synthetic transaction monitoring? Do you agree to provide an authentication mechanism for the same?
Are there pre-built integration APIs to allow instrumentation for the health and performance statistics of an application? For example service usage statistics, up-time, down-time and resource consumption.
What performance, availability and capacity reports are available? How these reports are made available to the end-user?
What type of reporting capabilities are provided to monitor service level agreement objectives?
Do you provide your customers the capability to collect application logs for their own analysis?
Does the platform support the capability to collect crash dumps?
Service Reliability & Incident Management
How long have you been providing cloud services?
How long have you been providing the specific services we will use?
How do you define an "outage"?
Describe your standard procedures for outage notification and coordination.
Describe your handling of potential availability issues such as significant Cloud computing outage, high network load or insufficient bandwidth access.
What has been the longest outage experienced by your customers?
Is there an "incident reporting" system for recording and tracking outages?
What actions have you taken to avoid repeating your longest outage?
What is your mitigation strategy in case of potential network outages, bandwidth shortages, or spikes in service demand?
Describe any data loss your customers have experienced.
What procedures have been put in place to avoid future data loss?
How is a customer compensated for outages?
How and when are technology platform upgrades scheduled?
How timely is maintenance for regular updates and hot fixes?
Are there scheduled outages for system maintenance? How is this information communicated?
General Management
Are version upgrades mandatory? That is, are customers forced into upgrades or allowed to continue with current?
Does the solution provide reports for charge backs (see glossary) to department or organization? Detail the level of customization available.
Does the Cloud service offer electronic invoicing to integrate with industry standard accounting interfaces? List the accounting software that is supported
Is it possible for the product to be customized for the client (Goode Cyber Security) if desired?
Service Continuity Management
What type of business continuity & disaster recovery options are available for your solution or service? Is this part of your standard service offering?
Do you perform disaster recovery drills/test? If so, what is the frequency?
Are there any other reliability features unique to your offering? If so, list the features.
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