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Goode Cyber Security has a program that can help can assist with your cyber-attack mitigation efforts and increase your cyber resiliency. Fill out your email below and we will set you up with a free risk assessment and more.

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Michael Goode

I have 20+yrs executive leadership experience with expertise in all phases of Cyber Security, IT, and global operations management within the Banking, Healthcare, Transportation, FinTech, and Insurance industries.

We have helped companies successfully complete Cyber security risk assements from:

Our Services

SOC 2 & Compliance Audits

Focus on protecting information from Cyber Security Attack within and outside your organization by building a strong infrastructure which is following SOC2 compliance check list.

Security Frameworks

Reduce Cyber Security Related Risk by tailoring your organization’s Cyber Security Frameworks to comply with NIST, SOC2, HIPAA, ISOs, NERC-CIP, GDPR, and FISMA.

Data Loss Prevention

Analyze and prevent data breaches & unauthorized access in transit over the network starting from Endpoint (Users), In Motion (Network Traffic), and At Rest (Data Storage).

Cyber Security Policies

Establishing a Cyber Security guideline by focusing on an Organizational, System & Issue-specific security policy to build Cybersecurity best practices for your employees.

Privelaged Account Management

Critical and comprehensive cybersecurity process, create to overlook all administrative access.

Data & Code Analyzers

Analyzed, optimized, and secured your applications can help eliminate cybersecurity risk.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Help identify & protecting access to your accounts by setting up MFA to confirm authentication from 2 provided credentials.

End-to-End Point Security

Protecting and securing end user devices within the network or over the cloud from all sources of malicious Cyberattacks
Why Goode Cyber Security?

We Have Cyber Security Plans for Any Size Business

Many business-grade Cyber Security Solutions are built for large enterprises. They’re complex, expensive, and need massive resources and a team of people to manage. Goode Cyber Security has customized cybersecurity programs for all sized businesses, our team is ready to assist you.

Teaming up with our Partners, Goode Cyber Security can provide & assist your company with effective strategy for Yearly Regulatory, Compliance, and Client Audits.


What Clients Are Saying

Goode Cyber Security knows how to circumnavigate any situation to provide successful outcomes. Their understanding of the financial implications of technology implementation to our businesses is critical.

Meki El Bushi - CTO Planet Bingo

Recently selected by the Strafford Regional Commission to be the sole provider of Cybersecurity Risk Assessments for Small to Medium Businesses in New England.




Recently Completed Cyber Risk Assessments:

Texas Federal Credit union

Texas Federal Credit Union

Worlds Best Popcorn

Dunaj Agency

Northeast Color

Studley's Flower Garden

Studley’s Flower Garden

Michael Goode is a cybersecurity leader and innovator. His insight and ability to provide effective tailored solutions in any situation has made him one of our key strategic partners.

Frank W. Kowalczyk - Executive Vp & COO at Bey MGA Inc.

I perform fieldwork for SOC1 and SOC2 annual reports directly with Goode Cyber Security - identifying controls and collecting evidence. They are very knowledgeable of both detail technical and business functions.

Bob Broda - Advisor at Compliancy

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