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Cyber Risk Assessment
Designed for companies and organizations who have a knowledge of basic cyber hygiene, processes, and practices. Our assessment is the starting point, and foundation, of our engagements as it is important to establish a baseline before making any recommendations on how to remediate with maximum affect and limited effort. The assessment is completed using our proprietary Goode Cyber Security assessment tool. Our toolset is based on the latest cybersecurity practices, research, guidance, and decades of experience.

Compliance and Advisory
Goode Cyber Security can create process and provide guidance to increase your audit readiness and compliance posture with virtually any applicable frameworks. Our team will map your current NIST, CIS, SOC 2, ISO2007, FINRA/SEC, HIPAA, CJIS, CMMC, Cyber Insurance, and other frameworks to your organizations needs and status. We can also review your architecture to discover and advise on how to fill any gaps found in your current internal audit process or requirments. The assessment will produce a Cyber Security Architecture custom designed for you.

Cyber Security Awareness
The human firewall is not technology, it is trained knowledgeable staff. Cyber Awareness Training Programs that are periodic and persistent can dramatically reduce the risk of cybercrime risk to your organization. Our training empowers individuals to have the knowledge to make the right decisions by developing skills to minimize the threat of credential theft, phishing, smishing, vishing etc...

Cyber Security Solutions
We are proud to represent a number of technology solutions that are best of breed for reliability, usability and effectiveness. These solutions can assist in closing any gaps discovered during our assessment process.
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